I am currently in a 3-year advanced training in ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy). This requires intensive supervision and video-recorded review of my work. I believe this can help us get the best result possible.

Video Recording: I am committed to studying the process of treatment in order to make Psychotherapy more effective and efficient. This means that I use video recording to study that process in between sessions so that I can reflect on ways to improve my work with you. Research shows that just by virtue of recording, you will get a better therapeutic result. All recordings are stored in a secure location and permanently destroyed immediately after they have been used for their intended purpose.

While video recording is not mandatory to our work together, I am currently giving waitlist priority to those clients who do consent to recording sessions. I rely heavily on reviewing recorded sessions to allow me to do my best work for you. Video recording is an integral part of my training. If I don’t have a video recording, I can’t study our session, or get feedback on what has actually happened (as opposed to relying on memory/perception, which can be unreliable). When I can receive group supervision feedback, it allows me to try a different approach in our next session to achieve a better result.

For those who consent to video recording, I may review the recording myself (self supervision), or with a supervisor (individual supervision), and/or together with a supervisor and trained therapist colleagues who are enrolled in the same 3-year Core Training (group supervision).

You have the right to not consent to video recording, or if you are uncomfortable with any of the above, you can consent to only those sections you agree with. If at any point you change your mind about consent, you can revoke this authorization at any time by written request, and any recordings will be immediately destroyed upon receipt of that request.