What is Psychotherapy?

I take an active stance with you in the resolution of your difficulties. I believe that whatever difficulty you have, there’s a very good reason that it developed. I also believe that when old emotional patterns or beliefs have outlived their usefulness, they begin to cause the problems we seek Psychotherapy for. Together, we can explore a different way.

Psychotherapy is designed to help you improve your self-awareness. That means to increase your awareness and understanding about yourself, your behaviours, your thoughts and your feelings.

Psychotherapy can help you begin to notice patterns in your behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

Psychotherapy is meant to help you find the cause/s of your problems.

Psychotherapy aims to help you to experience the full range of emotional, intellectual and physical sensations at the same time.

Psychotherapy is designed to help you to improve your mental and emotional self-care. This means that it can help you be less judgemental towards yourself, and can help you be more kind and compassionate towards yourself. Essentially, Psychotherapy seeks to help you engage in a more supportive conversant relationship with yourself.

Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

I am currently in a 3-year Core Training program to work towards specialization in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). 

This approach believes that persistent unmet needs and hurts experienced in our life cause wounds within us. These wounds result in us having painful hidden thoughts and feelings. Because we are generally programmed to avoid painful thoughts and feelings, our system develops all sorts of ways to try to avoid experiencing that pain and anxiety. ISTDP believes that the ways we try to avoid our painful thoughts and feelings cause the problems that we generally seek therapy for. 

The goal of ISTDP is to help us begin to notice our anxiety and pain and to help us identify what kinds of things we do to try and get away from it. It also helps us explore whether we can find another way to deal with that pain which is healthier than looking away from it.

Note: Treatment, although meant to be helpful, cannot be guaranteed to be of benefit. Your participation in these services are voluntary, and withdrawing at any time is your right. However, if you withdraw before it is recommended, there are potential risks that would be helpful to discuss with your therapist beforehand.