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A powerful weaving of metaphors from nature to help those who have experienced trauma and emotional disconnect.


Want to go on a journey? Grab your inner child and come join me as I read from my book ‘Curiosity Killed The Caterpillar’ SETTLE IN…IT’S STORYTIME!

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About the Author:

Tamara Skjolden is a marriage and family therapist and registered clinical counsellor working in private practice in Vancouver, BC. The intent of this story is to help grown-ups spark conversation with children about how to cope when difficult feelings come up, as well as for adults who are trying to make sense of terrible things that may have happened to them if they were hurt as a child.

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About the Book:

A Terrible Thing has happened to 11 year old Lucy. She is overwhelmed and confused and doesn’t know what to do. So she pushes all her Mad, Sad, Glad, and Scared, along with the Terrible Thing, into her backpack and runs away from home. On her journey, she meets many friends who share their experiences about how they cope and get through terrible things that have happened to them. All of these creatures teach valuable lessons for Lucy to add to her list of coping skills. Her journey helps her gather many skills and practice nurturing her Self.

As opposed to using a “therapeutic workbook” approach, this fictional story applies common themes in nature with therapeutic coping and grounding techniques. This can provide concrete tools to self soothe and nurture your Self through difficult emotions.

About the Illustrator:

Artist, Audrey Adalwulf, completed her Bachelor’s of Art and Design from Columbia College Chicago. Her focus in fine arts and psychology allowed for an integration into art therapy. The artist continues her passion today by volunteering in youth art programs and assisting in city youth programs to help those with learning disorders